An American in London

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Notable US Residents of London

Tens of thousands of Americans live in London today. They follow in the footsteps of many US citizens who, over the past 250 years, have lived or stayed in London.

Some Americans have gained a more permanent place in the city. This second part of ‘An American in London’ visits notable US citizens who, in one way or another, have remained in London for rather a long time.



Benjamin Franklin

Between 1757-75 Franklin lived at 36 Craven Street WC2, whilst diplomatic representative for the State of Pennsylvania. It’s now the Benjamin Franklin Museum and is the place where amongst many other scientific endeavours, he developed bi-focal spectacles.


Benedict Arnold

Arnold died in London and for some time lived at 62 Gloucester Place NW1, where a blue plaque commemorates this ‘American Patriot’. He was buried at St Mary’s, Battersea in a now unmarked grave.


George Peabody

Banker, philanthropist and housing campaigner George Peabody has both a statue and blue plaque in his honour. His statue can be seen behind the Royal Exchange in Threadneedle Street and a blue plaque is affixed to his home at 80 Eaton Square SW1.


Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Twain had various long sojourns in London from the 1870’s – especially whilst avoiding creditors. A blue plaque celebrates his home at 22 Tedworth Square in 1896/7 and in 1900 he opened the Kensal Rise Library NW10, before his final return to the US.


Jacob Epstein

One of the 20th century’s great sculptors, New Yorker Epstein created his finest works in the UK. His blue plaque can be seen outside his house at 18 Hyde Park Gate SW7.