London Taxi Drivers Slang - Part 3

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Key to terms: loc = location; misc = miscellaneous; mon = money; pass = passengers; pol = police; tax = taxis; trad = trade



The Eastern (loc) – Liverpool Street Station (the Great Eastern Hotel now of course has been 're-branded').
Extras (mon) – Extra amount that the meter runs on Bank and National Holidays (or weekends or nights).



Flag Fall(mon) - The starting price shown on the meter - taxis used to have flags instead of hire lights.
Flyer(loc) - London Heathrow Airport.
Feeder(trad) - The bit that taxi drivers queue on before getting onto the official rank - on slow days.
Flounder(tax) - Flounder and Dab = Cab. Cockney rhyming slang as it were - from fishy origins.
The Flowerpot(loc) - Covent Garden Market (in ye oldene days, like up to the 1970's).
Four Hander(pass) - Four passenger job.
Freight(misc) - Luggage.



Gaffs(loc) - Theatres - from an old name for a fair or place of entertainment (18C & 19C.)
Gaff Street(loc) - Shaftesbury Avenue - due to the preponderance of theatres.
Gantville Cowboy(trad) - A cabbie who lives near to or within the environs of LB Redbridge and the A12 corridor, eg. Gants Hill, Ilford, Newbury Park, Clayhall, Romford etc. Quite a few then.
The Gasworks(loc) - Houses of Parliament.
Green Badge(trad) - Name and colour of the badge a fully qualified London licensed taxi driver wears.